What's so good about green tea?

Is there any significant difference between green and black tea or is it a bit like coconut cream vs. coconut milk?? Glad you asked. 

Both green and black tea are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The key difference between the two is that black tea is oxidised and green tea is not. Green tea leaves are processed in a manner to prevent oxidation, preserving their natural green colour and taste.  

So which is better?

We think, for the purposes of crafting a gut loving kombucha, green tea wins hands down. And to preserve the natural health benefits, we cold press our tea, eliminating the heating process. 

According to Australian Tea masters,  green tea is believed to be more beneficial for those looking to boost their metabolism and manage weight, as well as those wanting to fuel their body’s immune system with an abundance of antioxidants.

Hope this was helpful,

Joanne Davies, Founder of Dark Forest Pty Ltd


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