Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to keep Dark Forest Kombucha cold? 

Dark Forest Kombucha is alive and wild making it full of great gut loving acids and bacteria. It also means that if you don't keep it cool, the living organisms in the Kombucha will keep fermenting, converting residual sugars into Co2 (bubbles) and alcohol. If you do find the Kombucha too sweet for your taste, then leave it out for a couple of days to build up the carbonation and reduce the residual sugars. Easy and delicious.

Is there sugar in Dark Forest Kombucha?

Yes. You need sugar to ferment stuff. We use raw cane sugar in our  primary fermentation process because it is natural and stable. By the time we flavour with fruits and herbs, the majority of the sugar has been converted into Co2 and acids, and trace levels of alcohol ( as much as a ripe banana, which you need to help absorb nutrients in food ). All our Kombucha is brewed down to 2.9% sugar (traditional Coke is 13%) because this seems to be the acceptable level of sugar that balances health, mouthfeel and enjoyment. 

Why serve is glass?

Because it keeps the flavour clean and feels good to drink from. We will offer aluminium cans soon because they are recyclable and light and people like to take them camping. For now, we serve in glass, offer a recycling program for our retail clients and support Return and Earn programs so you get some cash back!

Why do you hate Stevia or any other sugar derivative?

Dark Forest uses raw cane sugar because it is natural and easy for your body to process. Other sugars increases your body's craving for sweetness so in the long run, you crave more sugary things. That ain't cool to us. We believe and practise reducing your desire for sugar because we know that, although sweet tastes great going in, she ain't that good for you. And sugar is in everything! We believe it is our job at Dark Forest to give you a healthy alternative to sweetness and drinking our product over time will reduce your sugar cravings - 100%. 

Are all your products Vegan?

Absolutely. We are pro-animal and believe first do no harm. #inclusivity. 

Are all your products Gluten-free?

Absolutely. Did you know gluten is airborne? Meaning you might not have gluten ingredients but if you have a neighbour who does, your product could contain gluten. We test to make sure we are gluten-freeeee. #noinflammationhere

What tea is your Kombucha based on?

Dark Forest uses Australian organic green tea from Queensland. We have tried other teas but nothing gets that really clean flavour like a little Queensland green.

How do you know your Kombucha is alive?

When left at room temperature, uncovered (exposed to air), it forms a cellulose mushroom sometimes referred to as the scoby, (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Growth = Life.